Amway Discovers the Right Open Innovation Process for Market and Business Performance

CD15_SharpeAmway began their Open Innovation journey in 2005 and have since made the leap from novices to seasoned practitioners with an effective formalized process that ensures new product ideas contribute to the bottom line.  At CoDev 2015, Ron Sharpe, an Amway Research Fellow, will discuss his organization’s journey in creating their “Discovery” process which strives to find the intersection of a known consumer need, a viable technology and a business case to create a successful product for the company.

Ron will delve into the how Amway created their OI team and the internal ecosystem that supports their efforts. He will cover the company’s experiences in growing Open Innovation from the ground up and present some product case studies to illustrate the results and outcomes of the team’s work.

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Below is a video on Amway’s Open Innovation program featuring former CoDev Faculty member, Open Innovation Leader, David Groh:


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