Campbell’s Translates the Art + Science of Food into the Language of Mass Production

CD15_Barroso_CampbellsJoin Carlos Barroso, SVP Global R&D Campbell Soup Company and Marc Halperin and Kimberly Egan, Co-Founders of CCD Innovations as they share best practices of open innovation in the culinary world at CoDev 2015.

Take a journey into the world of food and beverage and get an inside look at navigating open innovation through the world of great culinology and the disciplines of food science and engineering. Campbell Soup has embraced open innovation as they seek to expand its core and emerging businesses through an ever growing network of external partners.

During this talk, the team will explore special considerations for leveraging open innovation in the world of food. For example, chefs play an integral role in the development of food products. But, is there a role for open innovation when creating recipes? Campbell has built an external network that spans the artistry of chefs to the nuts and bolts of manufacturing for a mass market.

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