More Exciting Additions to the CoDev Agenda!

As more and more Open Innovation involves connecting new technologies, ideas and ecosystems, we are eager to learn from these just-added sessions:

CD15_Kranz1. The Journey to Secure the Internet of Things – A Case Study on the Cisco Security Grand Challenge
Maciej Kranz, Vice President, Corporate Technology Group, Cisco Systems

Smart, internet-enabled devices are growing at an exponential pace with wearable devices, kitchen appliances, connected cars and healthcare devices becoming commonplace, and expected to grow to 50 billion by 2020. In 2014, the Cisco Security Grand Challenge was launched to bring the security community together to address securing the Internet of Things (IoT). Cisco fully embraced open innovation to address this crucial need with a Grand Challenge and will share their decision process and results-to-date in this case study presentation.

CD15_Fuller2. Delivering Killer Products Through an Extended Innovation Network
Kevin Fuller, VP Global Product Marketing, NuSkin, and Iain Ansell, VP Consumer, Sagentia

Creating an extended innovation network can enable companies to identify new opportunities for innovation, move more easily into new, non-core areas and deliver better products to market in a shorter time frame. In this presentation Kevin Fuller and Iain Ansell will discuss how to select appropriate partners, the challenges of working with a complex network of partners and how to successfully implement and manage that network.

CD15_Hamilton3. Become a Corporate Tech Scout Ninja
Matthew Hamilton, Wellspring

Successful technology scouting requires expertise and insight in science and technology while you grow your ever-expanding relational network. By managing the flow of knowledge assets in your network, you can quickly identify and assess opportunities on the horizon. In this session, you will hear about how a Fortune 500 team uses web-based software to structure opportunity assessments in a high volume deal environment while enabling resource coordination and prioritization.

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