Webinar Encore: CoDev and Open Innovation Practitioners Panel

Highlighted sessions from the CoDev 2014 webinar series are available on-demand and can be viewed at a convenient time of your choice.  See the bottom of this post for a complete list of available webinars.


Today’s highlighted session is:

CoDev and Open Innovation Practitioners Panel

Johnson_Controls.svgJoin CoDev Chairperson, Cheryl Perkins, along with Dan Koester, Michael Thomas and Fran Elenbaas from Johnson Controls, Inc. as they candidly discuss some of the critical elements necessary to build a solid foundation for successful Co-Development and Open Innovation initiatives.

The panel of faculty members will address:

  • The impact of organizational structure, culture, business model evolution, platform engagement models, staff development and IP management on open innovation success
  • Lessons learned as well as what obstacles and pitfalls they have experienced in advancing their open innovation efforts
  • Key learnings garnered from their attendance at prior CoDev conferences and how this enhanced their open innovation journeys



Dan Koester
Dan Koester

Dan Koester is Director for New Technology at Johnson Controls, Inc., located in Holland MI. Dan leads Technology Scouting & Partnerships for the Electronics & Interiors. Dan and his team seek solutions to business and technical challenges using a variety of open innovation methods and tools including technology intelligence, open innovation networks, and idea management.  Dan holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Fine Arts in Industrial Design from the University of Michigan. He has 19 years of experience in automotive R&D holding positions in product engineering, industrial design, and technology development.


Fran Elenbaas
Fran Elenbaas

Fran Elenbaas is Senior Manager New Technologies – Technology Intelligence and Partnerships for Johnson Controls, Inc. Fran is integral to JCI’s open innovation initiative as she scouts new technologies to find the state of the art for JCI’s scientists. Fran also assists JCI personnel with related transaction management. Fran holds a MS in Materials Science Engineering, Polymers and Composites from Michigan State University.



Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas is Senior Manager New Technologies for Johnson Controls, Inc. Automotive Seating. He identifies new technologies, partners and solutions to improve Johnson Controls’ seating product portfolio. He also serves as a transaction manager, negotiating legal agreements with new development partners. Michael manages Johnson Controls’ Open Innovation website and its presence in multiple open innovation marketplaces.  Michael holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan. He has 17 years of experience in automotive R&D, holding positions in seating product engineering and technology development.

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