Webinar Encore: OI Practitioner’s Perspective — H.B. Fuller

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Today’s highlighted session is:

OI Practitioner’s Perspective — H.B. Fuller

hbf logo SqH.B. Fuller has laid the foundational aspects of their OI efforts in the last year. They are now working on scaling what has been built to increase the level of innovation in their pipeline. Tara will share what has worked and what some of the remaining challenges are for OI as they advance their efforts. The webinar will highlight for practitioners some frameworks and process elements that have proven beneficial to institutionalize Open Innovation at H.B. Fuller.



Tara Korkowski
Tara Korkowski

Tara Korkowski is the external innovation manager for H.B. Fuller’s Global Technology organization. In her role, she champions innovation, identifies innovation opportunities and translates ideas into actionable, profitable projects. She is responsible for leading collaboration with adjacent organizations to determine portfolio needs and scanning the external innovation space to identify potential partnerships. Tara is building a successful track record at H.B. Fuller in managing breakthrough projects and leading new product development processes. Prior to joining H.B. Fuller, Tara was an applications chemist for Celanese — a Fortune 500 global technology and specialty materials company. Tara earned a B.S. in Chemistry from Baldwin Wallace University and a Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of South Carolina.

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