Putting Open Innovation on the Map

If you Want to Find an OI platform to Get and Manage, here’s a nifty, albeit incomplete, interactive map graphic created by the students at Heilbron University in Germany.  The map is designed to help people find OI and crowdsourcing platforms in any part of the world through a virtual map, a very fancy word for what seems like just a directory.  Hovering over the dots on the map will call up a box with a brief description of the platform provider and a link to respective websites.

The map can be filtered by business and service type and currently contains approximately 40-50 entries.  We noticed quite a few platforms missing, but we’re not sure how long this has been around and whether or not it is being actively updated.  Unfortunately, there does not appear to be any mechanism for suggesting new entries.  It is also interesting to see where OI services are concentrated, we know US and Europe are the hotbeds, but we’re interested to see if the other parts of the world will fill in at some point in the future.

To see the map, click on the image above or click right here.


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