Webinar Encore: 3M’s Aggressive Open Innovation Approach with Strategic Supplier Partnerships

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Today’s highlighted session is:

3M’s Aggressive Open Innovation Approach with Strategic Supplier Partnerships

foose_3m3M’s Automotive Aftermarket Division utilizes Open Innovation aggressively in support of its Strategy to increase speed to market. Some elements of this strategy and implementation with several vendors will be discussed. Not surprisingly, additional benefits emerge from this type of symbiotic relationship and they will also be explored.

You will learn how 3M:

  • Assesses potential partners
  • Understands risk tolerance
  • Achieves flexibility with vendors
  • Embraces change and unanticipated benefits



Peter Fritz, 3M
Peter Fritz, 3M

Peter Fritz is currently Manufacturing Technology Manager for Automotive Aftermarket Division (AAD) of 3M. He joined 3M in November 1984 as a Product Developer in BS & CP Division. Since that time, he has served in a variety of functional roles including Technical Service, Product Management, Six Sigma and Technical Training. He has been granted 9 patents in his 27 years with 3M. In 2007, Peter moved to the Automotive Aftermarket Division as a Manufacturing Manager. This role encompassed a diverse workforce, both internal and external, domestic and global, in support of abrasive and hardgood platforms. In August of 2011, Peter was appointed to the newly created role of Manufacturing Technology Manager for AAD. In this expanded capacity, Peter provides engineering resources to all businesses within AAD. This includes developing a cadre of Manufacturing Technology expertise in the core group to address the breadth, depth and scope of this diverse business. In 2006, Peter was elected by the Worldwide Board of Directors representing the Society of Concurrent Product Development (SCPD) to the position of President, having served in the role of VP Member Communications for several years. He believes that Concurrency is The Guiding Principle of Innovation and attributes this as the foundation of many successful endeavors.

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