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  1. NIH/Rewards: One area that is overlooked is the performance appraisal. While management promotes teamwork through open innovation the performance appraisal all too often reflects a “what have YOU done lately” focus. This cn negate all the positive feelings of accomplishment and create an atmosphere of distrust.

    Resources: With up to the second focus on stock prices senior management is wont to limit resources assigned to innovation.

  2. Rich, thanks for sharing your thoughts. The behaviors you mentioned below including NIH, Rewards and the focus on today versus tomorrow, do create challenges for leaders and practitioners in the open innovation space. These items are best addressed by focusing on evolving the climate and culture within which a company operates. Leaders need to find ways to create a learning culture that stimulates smart risk taking and visibly rewarding individuals that take accountability to deliver results and build capabilities. I will focus on some of these topics in my upcoming Quick Tip messages. Stay tuned.

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